Алексей Балабанов. Послесловие… | Russia
One of the last conversations with a popular director, excerpts from printed interviews over the years and, most importantly, Balabanov's personal diaries.

Я делаю шаг | Russia
A dyslexic graduate of a pedagogical institute is forced to become a teacher of Russian language and literature in a secondary school. Despite the illness, he manages to establish contact with the students, who in the end will help him keep his job.

1993 | Russia
1993 - the story of one family suddenly turns out to be the history of the whole country. The relationship of painfully and inextricably linked husband and wife, emergency workers, and the growing up of their daughter against the backdrop of global change.

Бери да помни | Russia
To hide the sudden death of his parents from his grandson, 70-year-old grandfather Rasim begins to play with him the legendary game "Take it and remember it" to make wishes come true. At first, his wife Sufiya does not like this idea, but gradually the game changes both the life of this family and the life and dreams of the whole village in the most incredible way.

Чижик-Пыжик возвращается | Russia
Arriving on an excursion to St. Petersburg, classmates Dana and Lyova witness the theft of the famous "Chizhik-Pyzhik". According to legend, if you make a wish and get a coin on the pedestal of the monument without dropping it into the water, it will surely come true. But "Chizhik" is gone. Does this mean that the guys will never be able to realize their dreams and Lyova's parents will still get divorced, and Dana will not become a famous blogger? Courageous schoolchildren rush in search of kidnappers, hiding from teachers, parents urgently summoned from Yekaterinburg, policemen and even from themselves.... "Peter the Great".

Свидетель | Russia
Daniel Cohen, a virtuoso violinist from Belgium, considers himself a citizen of the world, believes in goodness and justice. At the end of February 2022, he comes on tour to Kiev, and this trip changes his life forever. The events of the Special Military Operation lead the musician to the Ukrainian village of Semidveri, where he witnesses inhuman crimes and bloody provocations. Now his main goal is not just to survive, but to convey the truth to the whole world. Truth is stronger than fear.

Как звёзды | Russia
The beautiful Sonya, the leading actress of the provincial theater, comes to Moscow. She is thirty years old and she understands that she does not have much time to realize her dream and become a real star. After another unsuccessful test, Sonya falls asleep in one of the Mosfilm pavilions, since she has nowhere to live. When the security guard tries to force her out of the film studio, Masha comes to her aid. Masha, at twenty-eight, is in no hurry. After graduating from the theater school, Masha recovered and does not feel confident in her body. Having chosen the position “my body is my business”, Masha finds herself in the safe world of cartoon voice acting. Masha is kind, with a good sense of humor.

Бизнес по-русски | Russia
There is a COVID-19 epidemic in the country, a lockdown is being introduced in the regions, people are being urged to get vaccinated on TV, against this background, a simple entrepreneur, the owner of a small business and his employees, are faced with the problem of restrictions and the lack of customers, which leads to a halt in activities. Different ways of maintaining the business do not lead to a positive result, and he makes a cardinal decision that will change his future.

Баба Яга спасает мир | Russia
Our days. Curious schoolboy Senka finds himself in a fairy-tale forest, hidden from human eyes by the spell of Yaga. To cast the spell again, Yaga goes to a modern city in search of a magical wonderful color. In the city, Koshchei, who remained alive after the battle with Ivan Tsarevich, has been waiting for a meeting with Yaga for a thousand years. Koschei is hiding in a dark dungeon and wants revenge, because it was Yaga who helped defeat him. There will be a new battle of good and evil. The winner will be the one who will be supported by the schoolboy Senka, who until the last did not believe that he was in a fairy tale.

Ник и нефритовое дерево | Russia| China
Nick is a caterpillar boy who, having overcome the taboo of the swamp, becomes a butterfly and, regardless of difficulties, strives for his dream - the Magic jade tree, where all the most beautiful butterflies of the world live. Dangerous trials, fun adventures, new friends and, of course, first love await Nick on his way.

За Палыча! | Russia
About the life of a major guy who ends up in the army, rethinks his life and helps his grandfather save his house.

सरदार उधम | India| United Kingdom| Russia
8.4 (44,143 votes)
A young Sardar Udham Singh left deeply scarred by the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, escaped into the mountains of Afghanistan, reaching London in 1933-34. Carrying an unhealed wound for 21 years, the revolutionary assassinated Michael O’Dwyer on 13th March, 1940, the man at the helm of affairs in Punjab, April 1919 to avenge the lost lives of his beloved brethren.

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