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YOLO is an abbreviation, which stands for You Only Live Once, which, in fact, means "You live only once".

Life is too short to watch a bad movie!

Now you can find movies that will be interesting to you!

The project is under development, for all questions and suggestions, please contact form.

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Project updates

31.12.2019 Photos of actors on the movie page

Now, instead of a short list of the main stars of the film, more actors are displayed with their photos and roles in the film.

11.07.2019 We have moderators

Now we have individual moderators who will monitor the content.

04.03.2019 Movie list design changed

Now movies are displayed in two columns. And they can also be sorted and filtered using drop-down options on top.

02.03.2019 Today we are 1 year old!


26.02.2019 Movies about

A column appeared on the main page, sorting films about various topics.

24.02.2019 Added prime dates

Now on the movies page you can see the dates of the premieres in different countries. Also fixed the definition of the year of the film. Small optimization by IMDB rating, now the data will be more relevant.

06.02.2019 Added personal tops

The user profile now has tops for genres, countries, studios and actors. Tops are built from the movies you like.

14.01.2019 Added movie sorting

The first release is 2019. Added sorting of movies by relevance and year.

30.10.2018 A lot of changes

Over the past 2 weeks made a lot of changes. The design has changed, there is more information about the films, pictures have appeared, the base of films has replenished, and much more.

23.08.2018 Updated actors page

Now, on the pages of the actors of the latest films, the actor's photo, date and place of birth and other information will be displayed.