Ezera sonāte | Latvia
Doctor Rudolfs spends time at his country cottage, and there he meets teacher Laura - a mother of two children whose husband is in prison. Rudolfs rescues Laura's daughter, Zaiga, who is sick, befriends her son, Maris, and falls in love with Laura, but she desperately struggles with her feelings of responsibility towards her family.

Puika | Latvia
A story of a boy living in a small Latvian village at the end of XIX century.

Saulessvece | Latvia
Adventures of two Latvian boys - Yuris and Maris.

Nāves ēnā | Latvia
A group of men go under-ice fishing, but find themselves trapped on a piece of ice, that has broken off. As they are drifting through the sea, the tension between them rises.

Mans draugs - nenopietns cilvēks | Latvia
Arvīds Lasmanis can't hold any job for long because he is not ready to tolerate deceit and slapdash work. He still has to feed his family, buy chance he finds a well-paid job as a gravedigger. A friend helps Arvīds to find a place in a construction team, but other workers don't approve of Arvīds' high principles. His wife accuses him of not knowing how to make money, the family lives crammed in one room of a shared flat. The Soviet absurd comedy tells a story about a man who, while at odds with the system, won't lose his conscience and his true self, even if it means saying no to wealth and comfort.

Viktorija | Latvia| Norway
Unknown genere
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A miller's son, Johannes, falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Victoria. The novel follows them through adolescence, as Johannes struggles with the social hierarchy and becomes a successful author, and Victoria is forced into marrying Otto, a lieutenant, to save the troubled family economy.

Maija un Paija | Latvia
Fairytale of the the good girl and the bad girl, who gets the prince?

Vella kalpi Vella dzirnavās | Latvia
The 30-year war still goes on. Riga headmasters have decided to submit themselves to mercy of Polish-Lithuanian Duke. Rigas' defenders disagree strongly and steal the ceremonial Key of Riga. Will they succeed in their fight against all odds? Will three Latvian musketeers have their happily ever after?

Ceplis | Latvia
Action takes place in Latvia in 1920-thies. Entrepreneurial Edgar Ceplis establish joint-stock company, to produce and export clay bricks. He attracts to project many investors in the hope of the promised huge profits. Soon Ceplis gets enamored to his office typist, but the business stays neglected, and it turns out that the selected clay is not valid for export bricks. While no one has learned, Ceplis quickly changes his plans and puts young officer in charge of company. A strory about the destructive human features: envy, greed, selfishness, cynicism, cruelty.

Salna pavasarī | Latvia
The end of nineteenth century. Maidservant Madara is in love with farmhand Andrs, yet she marries a rich and old household owner. As time passes, her heart hardens and things get complicated when Andrs returns to the neighborhood and Madara's husband dies leaving her widowed with a son.

Zvejnieka dēls | Latvia
Oskars lives in a typical sea-side village, but wants to break free of his father’s rule and the old ways – he dreams of new, large nets, an ice-cellar, and the fishermen’s independence from the fish wholesaler. At first, no one wants to believe in Oskars’ plans, except for happy-go-lucky Fredis. With the help of Fredis, Oskars builds a new fish trap, gaining admiration from even the old fishermen.

Dāvana vientuļai sievietei | Latvia
To catch a couple of car thieves, a police women goes undercover as an old women that recently has gotten a luxury car "Volga" - a plan that is bound to attract the criminals. For how hard can it be to steal a car from an old women?

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