Kapteinis Nulle | Latvia
Valdis Nulle is a young and ambitious captain of fishing ship 'Dzintars'. He has his views on fishing methods but the sea makes its own rules. Kolkhoz authorities are forced to include dubious characters in his crew, for example, former captain Bauze and silent alcoholic Juhans. The young captain lacks experience in working with so many fishermen on board. Unexpectedly, pretty engineer Sabīne is ordered to test a new construction fishing net on Nulle's ship and 'production conflict' between her and the captain arises...

Šahs briljantu karalienei | Latvia
A detective and a militia captain are working together investigating a murder. When their job is done, the feelings do not let them say goodbye.

Gaisma tuneļa galā | Latvia| Russia| USSR
A load of gold is stolen. Detectives make criminals play by their rules.

Paradīzes atslēgas | Latvia| Russia
Successful work and life of a brave militia captain who does not know much about human psychology.

Purva bridējs | Latvia
In this film, set in Latvia in the late 19th century, Edgars, the coachman of Alaine Manor, loves Kristine, the washerwoman's daughter, although he is too hot-headed for Kristine's mother to consider him a good suitor for his daughter. The servant Viskrelis and stable boy Sutka try to tempt Edgars to a life of drinking and a relationship with the barmaid Matilde. Meanwhile, Kristine is courted by the rich land owner, Akmentins.

Būris | Latvia
6.9 (23 votes)
Edmunds Berzs is an architect who has achieved a comfortable life, but this causes him unease, so he decides to go to the country house where his mother lives. There he wakes up to find himself locked in a cage in the middle of the forest. Edmunds, paradoxically, finds the tranquility he was looking for.

Pie bagātās kundzes | Latvia
Riga, 1930. Educated unemployed Olgerts, who knows English, French and Latin, works different types of casual jobs. Together with his friend, tramp Fridis, they sometimes work for small entrepreneurs the Kalnkajas family. Mr.Kalnkaja dreams of becoming member of parliament. Olgerts feel responsible for the fate of Emma, who has just come out of prison. He helps to get her a maid's position in the Kalnkaja household.

Dubultslazds | Latvia| Russia
A police is trying to fight the criminal organization responsible for the illegal export of arts abroad. He pretends to be a criminal to enter and destroy their gang.

Ezera sonāte | Latvia
Doctor Rudolfs spends time at his country cottage, and there he meets teacher Laura - a mother of two children whose husband is in prison. Rudolfs rescues Laura's daughter, Zaiga, who is sick, befriends her son, Maris, and falls in love with Laura, but she desperately struggles with her feelings of responsibility towards her family.

Puika | Latvia
A story of a boy living in a small Latvian village at the end of XIX century.

Nāves ēnā | Latvia
A group of men go under-ice fishing, but find themselves trapped on a piece of ice, that has broken off. As they are drifting through the sea, the tension between them rises.

Mans draugs - nenopietns cilvēks | Latvia
Arvīds Lasmanis can't hold any job for long because he is not ready to tolerate deceit and slapdash work. He still has to feed his family, buy chance he finds a well-paid job as a gravedigger. A friend helps Arvīds to find a place in a construction team, but other workers don't approve of Arvīds' high principles. His wife accuses him of not knowing how to make money, the family lives crammed in one room of a shared flat. The Soviet absurd comedy tells a story about a man who, while at odds with the system, won't lose his conscience and his true self, even if it means saying no to wealth and comfort.

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