Villa Antropoff | Latvia| Estonia
A condom found on an African beach is an impulse for a black man to set off on a dangerous sea journey to Europe, in search of a better life. Meanwhile, Villa Antropoff hosts a typical international wedding party which, with every drink and every drug fix, is becoming increasingly pretentious.

Ursus | Latvia
A charcoal on paper animation about a motorcycling circus bear who decides to leave the daily routine and takes off to the forest where his true happiness seems to dwell. Selected at 70+ film festivals. International Festival Premier at Clermont-Ferrand 34th Int'l Short Film Festival, France, 2012.

Lietus dienas | Latvia
During a rainy day, an old Japanese man boards a ferry heading towards an unknown island. As he looks out over the water, the falling rain leads him back in time towards two moments from his past. The only constant is the rain, a woman and Mount Fuji.

Meža sargi | Latvia
A man continues to throw rubbish into the forest, to the great annoyance of both the forest ranger and the forest animals, but when he refuses to stop, more drastic measures have to come into use – and this is where the forest ranger luckily gets the help of a dog, a cat and a mouse, who have had enough of the litter lout.

Bize un Neguļa | Latvia
During these winter holidays five years old girl Pigtail wants to learn skating the most. However, shortly before the Christmas Pigtail’s baby brother appears to the world and turns everything upside down. Pigtail’s parents are fully occupied with him and her Grandma who has specially arrived from the countryside doesn’t know how to skate nor is any good at reading good-night-tales. So Pigtail together with her imaginary friend, Mr. Sleeplessness, come up with a plan to send Grandma and Baby Brother to the Moon in order to save the holidays and win back parents attention.

Jēkabs, Mimmi un runājošie suņi | Latvia| Poland
When Dad brings Jacob to spend summer in the suburb, the boy not only discovers an environment he has never seen before, but he also makes friends with his cousin "know-it-all" Mimmi, and his uncle Eagle, a former seaman. On top of that he meets Boss, the leader of a pack of talking dogs. Will the unexpected friends - Jacob, Mimmi and the talking dogs - be brave enough to rescue the suburb from the rich Lord Pie who plans to convert the romantic place into impersonal glass skyscraper area?

Vanadziņš | Latvia
7.1 (8 votes)
The action and emotions are focused on three main characters: the little boy nicknamed Vanadziņš, his playmate, the kitten, and Vanadziņš’s father, the fisherman. Monumentally laconic, with precise, emotionally effective details; tragedy without affectation and sentimentality, it is the aesthetically the most solid of Arnolds Burovs’s films.

Ki-ke-ri-gū | Latvia
This tale (about a rich man stealing poor man's magic mill or magic grinder) is the first stop-motion animation film by the Riga Motion Picture Studio, created by four professional puppeteers from the Latvian Puppet Theatre and directed by Arnolds Burovs. The film constituted a successful beginning for a stable and long-standing tradition and is evidence of the intuitive skills of the filmmaker required for stop-motion animation, namely, the ability to work with precision and economy of expression.

Poēm pa kulšen | Latvia
A cinematographic animation film directed by Jānis Cimmermanis. The screenplay is based on a work by Fricis Dziesma published in 1948, on the tradition of grain threshing in the Kurzeme region. Alongside the human lives, there are also the joys and woes of the little animals, and the lively whirl of intertwining events carries the viewer into the distant past, perhaps recognizing the fond memories shared by their parents or grandparents.

Bezmiegs | Latvia
She comes at night, quiet as a cat, to take his sleep away until he feeds her. All she needs is milk brought by him somewhere between sleep and reality. Her name is Insomnia.

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