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A former US Operative, who lived in Russia in his earlier years and had been married there with a child, comes out of retirement to face down a former enemy, now running as a candidate for President in modern Russia. Working with a Russian policewoman, they work to uncover a plot to use biological weapons against certain factions of the Russian people to commit genocide. The virus would also be released in other populations, but would be treated making the candidate a hero. A side plot has the agent being reunited with his long lost daughter.

Uzticamais draugs Sančo | Latvia| Russia| USSR
Ten year old Sancho arrives to Leningrad and starts looking for friends.

Gaisma tuneļa galā | Latvia| Russia| USSR
A load of gold is stolen. Detectives make criminals play by their rules.

Paradīzes atslēgas | Latvia| Russia
Successful work and life of a brave militia captain who does not know much about human psychology.

Dubultslazds | Latvia| Russia
A police is trying to fight the criminal organization responsible for the illegal export of arts abroad. He pretends to be a criminal to enter and destroy their gang.

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