Sprīdītis | Latvia
Unknown genere
Little Tom Thumb is very difficult to live with the evil stepmother who exploits him making different goods to sell later. Shepherd boy decides that it can not continue this way any more. Despite the grandmother and sister Lienite attempts to dissuade him, but the decision of going to seek happiness in the world is made. On his way Tom Thumb meets mother Wind, Forest mother and little old man. Everyone of them give him a chore to do that earns him a gift. Every of these gifts has a magic power. The good wizards help him defeat Scrooges, Lop-Eared Man and the Devil himself. While traveling in the world and looking for happiness he misses his grandmother and little sister. At the end his only wish is to go to "Happy world" that turns out is home.

Veļa | Latvia| USSR
5.6 (19 votes)
A subdued observation of daily life in a children's hospital. The driver of a delivery van regularly delivers clean linen to the wards where small, tense dramas of life and death are played out.

Krustceļš | Latvia
The film is an emotional story about fateful historical events in the 20th century, which took place in three Baltic countries- Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The story is also about their efforts to gain independence.

Bezmiegs | Latvia
She comes at night, quiet as a cat, to take his sleep away until he feeds her. All she needs is milk brought by him somewhere between sleep and reality. Her name is Insomnia.

Vai viegli būt jaunam? | Latvia
Portrayal of rebellious teenagers growing up under Communist rule in Latvia.

Krasts | Latvia
A poetic documentary observation of everyday life in a Latvian fishing village, where centuries-old traditions and wind-hardened men and women live alongside the optimism of new construction and the smiling faces of the new generation.

Pie bagātās kundzes | Latvia
Riga, 1930. Educated unemployed Olgerts, who knows English, French and Latin, works different types of casual jobs. Together with his friend, tramp Fridis, they sometimes work for small entrepreneurs the Kalnkajas family. Mr.Kalnkaja dreams of becoming member of parliament. Olgerts feel responsible for the fate of Emma, who has just come out of prison. He helps to get her a maid's position in the Kalnkaja household.

Dubultslazds | Latvia| Russia
A police is trying to fight the criminal organization responsible for the illegal export of arts abroad. He pretends to be a criminal to enter and destroy their gang.

Ezera sonāte | Latvia
Doctor Rudolfs spends time at his country cottage, and there he meets teacher Laura - a mother of two children whose husband is in prison. Rudolfs rescues Laura's daughter, Zaiga, who is sick, befriends her son, Maris, and falls in love with Laura, but she desperately struggles with her feelings of responsibility towards her family.

Puika | Latvia
A story of a boy living in a small Latvian village at the end of XIX century.

Saulessvece | Latvia
Adventures of two Latvian boys - Yuris and Maris.

Nāves ēnā | Latvia
A group of men go under-ice fishing, but find themselves trapped on a piece of ice, that has broken off. As they are drifting through the sea, the tension between them rises.

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