John Cannon

John Cannon

John Cannon may refer to: John Cannon (politician) (c. 1783–1833), Canadian builder and politician John Q. Cannon (1857–1931), American newspaper editor and general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints John K. Cannon (1892–1955), U.S. Air Force general Jack Cannon (American football) (1907–1967), American football player John Cannon (actor) (1920–2001), American voice actor, see Shoestring Ace Cannon (John Cannon, born 1934), American saxophonist John Cannon (racing driver) (1933–1999), Canadian auto racer John Cannon (American football) (born 1960), former member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Cannon (rugby union) (1980–2016), Canadian rugby union player John Cannon (historian) (born 1926), British historian


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