Philip Smith

Philip Smith

Philip or Phil Smith may refer to: Philip A. Smith (1933–2007), president of Providence College 1994–2005 Philip Edward Smith (1884–1970), American endocrinologist Philip Hubert Smith (1906–1969), British automotive engineer and technical author Philip Smith (British Army officer) (died 1894) Philip Smith (criminal) (born 1965), British spree killer Philip Smith (footballer) (1885–1918), British footballer Philip Smith (musician) (born 1952), American trumpeter Philip Smith (theater owner) (died 1961), American theater owner Philip Smith (VC) (1829–1906), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross Philip Smith, Baron Smith of Hindhead (born 1966), Conservative member of the British House of Lords Philip Smith (Northern Ireland politician) (born 1967), member of the Northern Ireland Assembly Phillip Hagar Smith (1905–1987), American electrical engineer Phil Smith (Australian footballer) (1946–2010), Australian rules player Phil Smith (basketball) (1952–2002), American basketball player Phil Smith (footballer, born 1885) (1885–?), English football player for Chelsea and Burnley Phil Smith (footballer, born 1979), English football goalkeeper for Swindon, Portsmouth and Aldershot Phil Smith, guitarist for The Lovin' Spoonful Philip Smith (producer), New Zealand film and television producer and writer Phil Smith (Australian politician) (born 1938), Australian politician and teacher Philip F. Smith (1932–2017), Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Philip S. Smith, American entrepreneur Philip E. Smith (born 1934), U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Philip Alan Smith (1920–2010), bishop of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church Philip Smith (born 1988), founder of the Friends of the British Overseas Territories



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