Mana ģimene | Latvia
After his family was introduced on a national TV as a "perfect family", the son Robert has a hard time confronting all the lies related to this accidental fame.

Uzticamais draugs Sančo | Latvia| Russia| USSR
Ten year old Sancho arrives to Leningrad and starts looking for friends.

Līvsalas zēni | Latvia| USSR
A group of young Latvian boys enroll to a pioneers movement during the first years after WWII.

Kapteiņa Enriko pulkstenis | Latvia
Young boy finds a watch with an engraving in Spanish saying that the watch belongs to Captain Enrico and adventures begin...

Puika | Latvia
A story of a boy living in a small Latvian village at the end of XIX century.

Saulessvece | Latvia
Adventures of two Latvian boys - Yuris and Maris.

Maija un Paija | Latvia
Fairytale of the the good girl and the bad girl, who gets the prince?

Ūdensbumba resnajam runcim | Latvia| Estonia
6.6 (161 votes)
The two sisters' parents have gone abroad to earn the living, so the girls Marta and Linda needs someone to take care of them. For that they have their dictatorial spinster aunt Una, who desperately wants to get married, and has a sympathy for the jeweler Ivo. Meanwhile, Marta is working hard to get a promised puppy, but her plans are ruined, as her aunt feels a strong despise for dogs. So, the relations between the girls and their aunt becomes really tense. Until the perfect plan of the sisters - to help the aunt to get married, to get rid of her.

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