PG-13 | 1 h 24 min | Action | Crime
IMDB 3.6 / 10 (1229 votes)

The Heroine (1973)

女警察 | Hong Kong
The Heroine - poster

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Alternative titles
Um Bandido Em Hong Kong (BR)
Nu jing cha (HK)
Police Woman (HK)
Il giovane Tigre (IT)
Разборка в Гонконге (RU)
Here Come Big Brother (SG)
師哥出馬 (SG)
女警察鬥成龍 (TW)
女飛龍 (TW)
Police Woman (US)
Rumble in Hong Kong (US)
The Young Tiger (US)
Release dates
26.04.1973 (US)
26.04.1973 (SE)
26.04.1973 (HK)

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