N12 | 2 h 10 min | Thriller | Drama | Comedy | Mystery | Crime | 29.11.2019
IMDB 8.1 / 10 (94692 votes)

Knives Out (2019)


When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan's dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan's untimely death.

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Alternative titles
Entre Facas e Segredos (BR)
Entre Navajas y Secretos (MX)
Ножи наголо (RU)
Вади ножовете (BG)
利刃出鞘 (CN)
Knives Out - Mord ist Familiensache (DE)
Knives Out - var det mord? (DK)
Puñales por la espalda (Knives Out) (ES)
Veitset esiin - Kaikki ovat epäiltyjä (FI)
À couteaux tirés (FR)
Στα Μαχαίρια (GR)
Noz u leđa (HR)
Tőrbe ejtve (HU)
Cena con delitto - Knives Out (IT)
ナイブズ・アウト (JP)
ナイブズ・アウト/名探偵と刃の館の秘密 (JP)
ナイブズ・アウト(原題) (JP)
Na noże (PL)
Knives Out: Todos São Suspeitos (PT)
Vadi noževe (RS)
Noz v hrbet (SI)
Na nože (SK)
Ножі наголо (UA)
Morning Bell (US)
Release dates
27.11.2019 (SG)
28.11.2019 (RU)
27.11.2019 (GB)
08.10.2019 (GB)
28.11.2019 (SK)
29.11.2019 (SE)
28.11.2019 (DK)
05.12.2019 (UA)
28.11.2019 (AU)
06.12.2019 (ES)
07.09.2019 (CA)
27.11.2019 (CH)
29.11.2019 (FI)
20.11.2019 (FI)
09.01.2020 (CZ)
27.11.2019 (US)
28.11.2019 (GR)
27.11.2019 (FR)
28.11.2019 (BR)
02.01.2020 (DE)
05.12.2019 (KR)
27.11.2019 (US)
28.11.2019 (AU)
28.11.2019 (IL)
27.11.2019 (SG)
05.12.2019 (IT)
04.12.2019 (KR)
27.11.2019 (CA)
29.11.2019 (PL)
28.11.2019 (BR)
29.11.2019 (ES)
02.01.2020 (HU)
29.11.2019 (VN)
28.11.2019 (HK)

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