PG-13 | 1 h 57 min | Action | Thriller | Sci Fi | 11.10.2019
IMDB 5.2 / 10 (1506 votes)

Gemini Man (2019)


Henry Brogan, an aging government assassin seeking to exit his career, finds himself going up against a younger clone of himself named Junior, who's able to predict his every move. With no other choice, Henry must uncover the truth behind Junior's creation and save him from going down the same dark path he did, all while fighting against a corrupt system led by his former boss Clay Varris, who's determined to retire him at all costs. GEMINI MAN isn’t just an action movie, it’s the ultimate action movie – an unprecedented trinity of neverbefore-seen spectacle, next-level performance and unparalleled audience immersion. A movie, its makers say, that takes all the component parts of what people have long loved about the genre, and then elevates all of them to pioneering new heights to deliver a unique theatrical experience.

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Alternative titles
双子杀手 (CN)
双子煞星 (CN)
Proyecto Géminis (MX)
Projeto Gemini (PT)
Release dates
11.10.2019 (SE)
10.10.2019 (CZ)
11.10.2019 (MX)
10.10.2019 (RU)
10.10.2019 (IT)
11.10.2019 (IE)
10.10.2019 (AU)
10.10.2019 (HU)
10.10.2019 (SK)
11.10.2019 (NL)
10.10.2019 (DK)
11.10.2019 (GB)
10.10.2019 (AR)
11.10.2019 (FI)
10.10.2019 (SG)
03.10.2019 (DE)
20.06.2020 (DE)
18.10.2019 (CN)
11.10.2019 (CA)
11.10.2019 (ES)
09.10.2019 (KR)
10.10.2019 (GR)
09.10.2019 (BE)
11.10.2019 (US)
02.10.2019 (FR)
10.10.2019 (PT)
10.10.2019 (UA)
11.10.2019 (GB)

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