PG-13 | 1 h 40 min | Drama | Romance
IMDB 5.1 / 10 (295 votes)

Float (2023)

Float - poster

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Shawn Williamson (Producer), Noah Segal (Executive Producer), Aaron Au (Producer), Brian Lyster (Sound Mixer), Jesse Zubot (Music), Robbie Amell (Producer), Dan Mangan (Music), Emily Alden (Executive Producer), Chris Paré (Producer), Kirby Jinnah (Supervising Sound Editor), Sandra-Ken Freeman (Extras Casting), Jeremy Doiron (First Assistant Director), Sherren Lee (Screenplay), Trevor Zurkan (Second Assistant Director), Bev Wright (Makeup Department Head), Sarah Timmins (Executive Producer), Laird Fryer (ADR Mixer), Jesse LaVercombe (Screenplay), Florence Barrett (Costume Design), Richard Macdonald (Gaffer), Landon Jackle (Stunt Coordinator), Allen Lau (Executive Producer), Sophia Jooyeon Lee (Visual Effects Supervisor), Megan Bayliss (Casting), Lindsey Weems Ramey (Executive Producer), Matthew Kariatsumari (Producer), Brian Huynh (Visual Effects Producer), Jordan Nahmias (Executive Producer), David Manske (Set Decoration), Laurent Piche (Third Assistant Director), Aron Levitz (Producer), Sophie Graham (Art Direction), Rebecca Davidson (Casting), Eric Lehrman (Executive Producer), Kate Marchant (Novel), Jeff Chan (Producer), Jamie D. Greenberg (Producer), Sandra Karr (Executive Producer), Simone Smith (Editor), Jessica Fish (Production Design), Jakob Weber (Boom Operator), Melissa Neilson (Hair Department Head), Alfonso Chin (Director of Photography), Taja Jinnah (Sound Effects Editor), Ariel Semkow (Extras Casting), Ben Searles (Sound Effects Editor), Ian Scott Williams (Sound Editor)
Release dates
30.09.2023 (CA)
09.02.2024 (CA)
12.02.2024 (GB)
09.01.2024 (PR)
14.02.2024 (TH)
09.02.2024 (US)

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