PG | 1 h 41 min | Family | Adventure movie | Animation
IMDB 7.8 / 10 (112165 votes)

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

Kubo and the Two Strings | United States of America| Japan
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Kубо. Легенда О Самурае - Трейлер

Travis Knight (Director), Thiago Calçado (Animation), Jeff Croke (Animation), Helen Duckworth (Modeling), Charles Greenfield (Animation), Sean Gregory (Animation), Adam Lawthers (Animation), Matias Liebrecht (Animation), Kevin Parry (Animation), Florian Perinelle (Animation), Zachary Rahman (Animation), Justin M. Rasch (Animation), Brad Schiff (Animation Supervisor), Alexander Snow (Animation), Anthony Straus (Animation), Philippe Tardif (Animation), Carolyn Vale (Animation), David Vandervoort (Animation), Shannon Tindle (Story), Marc Haimes (Story), Travis Knight (Producer), Arianne Sutner (Producer), Dario Marianelli (Original Music Composer), Frank Passingham (Director of Photography), Christopher Murrie (Editor), Allison Jones (Casting), Daniel R. Casey (Production Design), Nelson Lowry (Production Design), Deborah Cook (Costume Design), Marc Haimes (Screenplay), Chris Butler (Screenplay), Steve Emerson (Special Effects Supervisor), Oliver Jones (Special Effects Supervisor), Brian McLean (Visual Effects), Travis Knight (Animation), Chris Butler (Head of Story), Shannon Tindle (Storyboard Artist), Shannon Tindle (Character Designer), Jocelyn Pascall (Associate Producer), Dario Marianelli (Orchestrator), Alice Bird (Art Direction), David E. Hall (Post Production Supervisor), Aaron Toney (Stunt Coordinator), Judy Cook (ADR Voice Casting), Ben Harris (Casting Associate), John Peter Kousakis (Casting Assistant), Ashley Lambert (ADR Voice Casting), Megan Ganz (Thanks), Olivia Harrison (Thanks), Jay Kogen (Thanks), Dawn Yamada (Thanks), Danika Burtt (Accountant), Joe Gorski (CG Animator), Michelle Ross (CG Animator), Matthew Beightol (Compositor), Baptiste Rogron (Animation), Danail Kraev (Animation), Daniel Alderson (Animation), Daniel Gill (Animation), Jan-Erik Maas (Animation), Jason Stalman (Animation), Joel Hasse (Animation), Rachelle Lambden (Animation), Suzy Parr (Animation), Claudia Amatulli (Animation Coordinator), Alastair Macleod (Animation Technical Director), Casey Zander Anderson (Art Department Coordinator), Drew Fortier (Assistant Camera), Jake Carlson (Assistant Camera), Jesse Levitt (Assistant Camera), Mandy Hutchings (Assistant Editor), David J. Epstein (Assistant Production Coordinator), Richard Sevy (CG Supervisor), Tilman Paulin (Compositing Lead), Brice Shultz (Compositor), Daniel Leatherdale (Compositor), James Pina (Compositor), Mike Terpstra (Compositor), Nicholas Childs (Compositor), Sara Ireland (Compositor), Ean McNamara (Concept Artist), Lou Romano (Concept Artist), August Hall (Conceptual Design), Geoff Alexander (Conductor), Annika Schindler (Costumer), Colette Nickola (Costumer), Amelia 'Mia' Sires (Data Wrangler), Jason Potter (Data Wrangler), Nik Siefke (Data Wrangler), Curtis Darwin Zinn (Digital Compositor), Daniel Short (Digital Compositor), Valance Eisleben (Digital Intermediate Colorist), Mike Sowa (Digital Intermediate Colorist), Nancy Fuller (Digital Intermediate Producer), Samuel Wilson (First Assistant Director), Anthony Pitone (First Assistant Editor), Catherine Harper (Foley Artist), Gregg Barbanell (Foley Artist), Travis Crotts (Foley Editor), Darrin Mann (Foley Mixer), James WilderHancock (Gaffer), Trahern Wells (Gaffer), Josh Holtsclaw (Graphic Designer), Tim Garbutt (Graphic Designer), John Aoshima (Head of Story), David J. Rowe (Information Systems Manager), Billy Cabey (Layout), Jenniphur Ryan (Legal Services), Joe Strasser (Lighting Director), Joe Beckley (Matte Painter), Brian Tarlecki (Sound Mix Technician), Dominick Certo (Music Editor), James Bellamy (Music Editor), Sara Matarazzo (Music Supervisor), Clive Bell (Musician), Hibiki Ichikawa (Musician), Kevin Kmetz (Musician), Melissa Holding (Musician), Carlos Sotolongo (ADR Mixer), Christina Mackin (Producer's Assistant), Emily Shinyi Hsu (Producer's Assistant), Daniela Scovel (Production Assistant), Desiree Ong (Production Assistant), Tarô Gotô (Production Consultant), Tyler M. Saunders (Production Coordinator), Andrew Hollandsworth (Production Runner), Evan Hailstone (Production Runner), Kara Sinclair (Production Runner), Marina Capizzi (Production Runner), Matthew J.D. Thill (Production Runner), Joe Kortum (Prop Designer), Maggie Begley (Publicist), Tim Chau (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Tim Chau (Sound Designer), Tim Chau (Supervising Sound Editor), Leigh-Alexandra Jacob (Scenic Artist), Nick Wollage (Score Engineer), Kj Pilar (Script Coordinator), Toby Froud (Sculptor), Alicia Cortes (Second Assistant Director), Holly Werner (Second Assistant Director), Jodi Clark (Second Assistant Director), Carl B. Hamilton (Set Designer), Andy Berry (Set Dresser), Owen Nelson (Software Engineer), Clayton Weber (Sound Editor), Thomas O'Neil Younkman (Sound Effects Editor), Eric Stolberg (Sound Recordist), Tim LeBlanc (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Andy Bailey (Animation), Anthony Elworthy (Animation), Brian Leif Hansen (Animation), Dobrin Yanev (Animation), Gabe Sprenger (Animation), Ian Whitlock (Animation), Jeffrey Riley (Animation), Ludovic Berardo (Animation), Mike Hollenbeck (Animation), Phil Dale (Animation), Shawn Palmer (Story Artist), Brian Ormiston (Storyboard Artist), Emanuela Cozzi (Storyboard Artist), Graham Annable (Storyboard Artist), Julian Narino (Storyboard Artist), Mark Garcia (Storyboard Artist), Ovi Nedelcu (Storyboard Artist), John Henry Frankenhauser (Systems Administrators & Support), Nickolas Zolotko (Systems Administrators & Support), Brett Alexander Nichols (Third Assistant Director), Finley Mulligan (Third Assistant Director), Monica Fedrick (Title Graphics), Emily Greene (Visual Effects), Kim Slate (Visual Effects), Nick Mariana (Visual Effects), Phil Brotherton (Visual Effects), Takashi Kuboto (Visual Effects), Karl Kohlman (VFX Artist), Holly Webster (VFX Artist), Andrew Gotham (Visual Effects Coordinator), Melanie Pappenheim (Vocals)
Alternative titles
Kubo en het Magische Harnas (BE)
Kubo (AT)
久保与二弦琴 (CN)
Kubo et l'armure magique (FR)
쿠보와 전설의 악기 (KR)
Release dates
04.11.2016 (ID)
18.08.2016 (UA)
19.08.2016 (ZA)
07.10.2016 (SI)
14.10.2016 (RO)
01.09.2016 (PA)
15.09.2016 (PY)
12.10.2016 (PH)
25.08.2016 (MY)
07.10.2016 (LT)
03.11.2016 (IT)
08.09.2016 (TR)
18.08.2016 (IL)
09.09.2016 (IE)
02.12.2016 (PL)
06.10.2016 (HU)
18.08.2016 (HK)
07.10.2016 (EE)
31.08.2016 (EG)
08.09.2016 (UY)
18.08.2016 (KH)
08.09.2016 (SG)
13.10.2016 (HR)
09.12.2016 (BG)
09.09.2016 (FI)
25.08.2016 (BO)
28.10.2016 (AT)
27.10.2016 (CH)
21.09.2016 (CH)
03.11.2016 (CH)
01.09.2016 (LB)
01.09.2016 (KW)
25.08.2016 (NL)
29.09.2016 (SK)
20.10.2016 (GE)
13.10.2016 (BR)
27.10.2016 (DE)
19.08.2016 (TW)
26.08.2016 (EC)
18.08.2016 (NZ)
25.08.2016 (CY)
22.09.2016 (DK)
07.10.2016 (MX)
26.10.2016 (KR)
22.09.2016 (GR)
19.08.2016 (CA)
01.09.2016 (AE)
26.08.2016 (ES)
13.01.2017 (CN)
02.09.2016 (VE)
01.09.2016 (CO)
15.09.2016 (CL)
09.09.2016 (GB)
19.08.2016 (VN)
08.09.2016 (CS)
01.09.2016 (AR)
23.09.2016 (SE)
20.02.2017 (SE)
09.09.2016 (IS)
06.10.2016 (CZ)
01.09.2016 (TH)
20.10.2016 (RU)
29.10.2017 (JP)
18.11.2017 (JP)
08.09.2016 (PT)
28.09.2016 (BE)
19.08.2016 (US)
22.11.2016 (US)
21.10.2016 (LV)
10.09.2016 (FR)
21.09.2016 (FR)
21.08.2016 (NO)
16.09.2016 (NO)
13.08.2016 (AU)
18.08.2016 (AU)
25.08.2016 (PE)

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